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Dr Jolene Aragon-Rosales


Dr. Jo has moved to Edgewood where her husband and business partner was raised, to open an office in an under served community. 

Most chiropractic services are only offered more than 20 miles away.  Dr. Jo and her husband found this unacceptable and have opened Advanced Performance Chiropractic & Massage in Edgewood, NM.  

Dr. Jo  is a compassionate chiropractor that looks to the root of cause of what ails you by looking at the nervous system of your body.  The nervous system controls your mind and body, and she wants to help make it  function at an optimal level.  Dr. Jo also shares her knowledge though programs such as "Dinner with the Doc" and "Shop with the Doc" and through community gatherings in their 32 foot mobile unit.

Dr. Jo received her doctorate from Parker University in Dallas, TX  after  receiving her bachelors degree from Colorado State University. 

Dr. Jo invites everyone to come learn how regular chiropractic care can help you to live a full and active life. 

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