Cupping Massage

Cupping massage also known as Chinese Cupping is an ancient method of massage.  It uses negative pressure on the body to help to facilitate stagnate blood and other issues that are living in your body.

Through detoxing sessions, a body can eliminate conditions that can be harmful to our bodies.  

In addition to detoxing a persons body, cupping can also be used to help with certain medical conditions involving soft tissue such as Golfer's Elbow, Piriformis Syndrome, and Fibromyalgia to name a few.  Please feel free to discuss your exact conditions with our Advanced Cupping Therapist (ACT). 

Many athletes also benefit from cupping sessions.  These sessions can help promote muscle growth, muscle recovery, and overall muscle tone.  The athlete that moved cupping to the fore ground of sport massage would be Michael Phelps in the 2016 Olympics, but he is not the only athlete and swimming is not the only sport that athletes are benefiting from cupping.  Athletes from baseball, football, hockey, soccer, and even rodeos are benefiting from the use of cupping in the regimens to keep them health and in top shape for the ultimate performances.  

Cupping can be used on people from as young as 1 week old to 100 years old.  Contact our ACT to discuss how cupping can benefit you and your body today.

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