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Advanced Performance Chiropractic LLC is closing effictive Feb 29, 2024 at 6:00pm.  We have sold the proactice and it will reopen in March as Anderson Family Chiropractic. 

Thank you for your support over the last 6 years.  

Hello Our Valued Patient,

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the last 6 years.  As many of you know we have been looking for a 2nd chiropractor to join our practice and how we have not been fortunate to find the perfect match.  After a long discussion and many prayers, we had decided to put our practice up for sale in the 2nd quarter of 2023, but we have been very diligent about who we would allow to rake the reins from us. 

We have interviewed many chiropractors that were interested in taking over your care, but no one has been able to meet our higher standards of care that all of you have come to expect from your chiropractor.  We were looking for a chiropractor that is interested in caring for the whole body and not just the spine, one who will take the time to talk with you about any concerns and not treat you like a number, one who can see the value in being a part of our community.  These were our 3 biggest concerns.  Of course, we know many of you have asked to use your insurance and we knew the chiropractor that would be taking over would have to accept insurance as well (This is a bonus to those of you who have gone through our non-profit side).  But the biggest hurdle we have had to overcome is that they lived amongst us in the East Mountains.  If you only knew how hard this was to find and it eliminated 99% of the people we talked to. With all these considerations, we are proud to announce that we have accomplished our goal.  We have found the chiropractic team that fits everything we have been looking for to continue your care here in Edgewood. 

We would like to introduce Drs. Travis and Taylor Anderson to the East Mountains.  Dr. Travis grew up on the other side of the mountain in Albuquerque, NM and graduated from Sandia High School.  After attending Chiropractic school, where he met his wife Dr. Taylor, they have moved back to the Land of Enchantment.  They Currently operate Anderson Family Chiropractic in Albuquerque.  But don’t let that worry you as the live in the East Mountains and are permanent residents.  We urge all of you to give them your time to show you how they can continue your care here in Edgewood.  This is not a decision we took lightly and have decided these doctors would take the best care of our family, all of you in the East Mountains and surrounding areas. 

We will officially be closing our doors as Advanced Performance Chiropractic, LLC effective Feb 29, 2024, at 6pm.  Dr. Travis and Dr. Taylor are hoping to be back open and seeing patients by the middle of March.  They need to do a few renovations before the begin seeing patients.  They have stated that all our patients who set appointments with them will have their care continued at Anderson Family Chiropractic current patient rates and will not be charged a new patient fee. 

We thank all of you for welcoming us into the community (and welcoming Bobby back home to Edgewood).  As luck has it, we will continue to live in the area until our house sells and although Dr. Jo will no longer be seeing human patients, she will continue to see animal patients.   We have plans we have prayed about, and the good Lord has paved the way and sent us the message that it is time for us to move on to a new chapter of our lives.  Many of you will begin seeing the posts our house is for sale and we will be moving to Oklahoma later this year. 

Again, thank you, everyone, for always making us feel loved and wanted in a crazy world.  We will keep each of you in our prayers and hope you will give Anderson Family Chiropractic a chance to continue being a part of your healthy lifestyle. 


Dr. Jolene Aragon-Rosales

Bobby Rosales


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